Green Power Solutions works very closely with their sister company Helios Developments in the renewable energy sector in developing new ways of creating green power and making use of the technology available to us today.

Helios Developments is a high-end renewable energy manufacturing company, a unique Incorporation which manufactures a complete line of fully integrated, multi-disciplinary solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) systems which can include, geothermal technology, hydronic heating systems, solar domestic hot water technology and solar thermal heating products.

As a developer, Helios Developments understands all aspects of development including planning, design, community involvement, rezoning applications and facilitation, permit applications, financing, construction and marketing. Helios Developments specializes in managing and facilitating the entire development process with the clear objective of creating goals for environmental, social and financial sustainability and identifying strategies to meet these goals.

Green Power Solutions sources top-of-the-line solar products from our sister company Helios Developments to ensure that the most cost-effective, reliable systems are available to our customers.

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